Fleet Management for Material Handling

Material handling is a Top 5 cost at high velocity facilities.  Fleet management is unlocking 15% savings and while growing competitive advantage for manufacturers and distributors.

The Opportunity of Fleet Management

The way high-volume manufacturers & distributors buy, maintain and manage the material handling portion of their supply chain is outdated. Facilities require high levels of flexibility, yet when it comes to forklift equipment, there is little hope for change today after a large equipment purchase is made.  This creates significant drag on your cost structure and degrades your competitive position.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  For twenty years, TFS has brought a different lens to material handling equipment and processes, helping customers get out of the forklift business so they can focus on their core business.

Some of the ways we help customers includes:

  • Gain total control over spend and usage
  • Consolidate invoices to one bill per month
  • Rationalize vendor relationships and spend
  • Improve on-site processes, equipment and maintenance
  • Provide freedom to choose best of breed equipment for each application
  • Enhance safety of processes and equipment
  • Optimize processes, space and racking
  • Develop and execute a roadmap for automation

Holistic Fleet Management Programs Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Fleet Management

Material handling is a top 5 expense at most facilities. Our modern fleet management principles and technology help you gain more control, improve safety, and decrease costs. We help you reduce vendor counts, gain global usage and cost transparency, and improve service, all while taking 15% cost out of your fleets.

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Guaranteed Fleet Logo_CMYK

Fixed costs, guaranteed savings. At TFS, we use our expertise to engineer and implement cost effective solutions that improve productivity and enhance safety while allowing our customers to focus on their core business. Guaranteed Fleet offers the following:

  • 15% savings, year over year
  • 100% fleet up-time
  • Optimized power for productivity and safety improvement
  • Embed maintenance with our technicians on-site available
  • 24/7 Customized telematics and operator safety program KPI's and operational assurance
  • Flexible financing that matches cost to asset utilization and life

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Tag & Track

You can't improve something that isn't easily available with clear data-driven exceptions to improve decision-making.  To compete in today's increasingly competitive market, you need to be able to benchmark your assets, applications, cost and productivity at any time. Not only that, you need a proactive way to monitor and manage the partners that service these assets. With a traditional approach, you're spending too much time reacting to maintenance needs and managing vendors, or not near enough.  Our asset tag and track solution quickly helps you:

  • Categorize your assets
  • Identify how old they are
  • Track maintenance activity
  • Consolidate vendor agreements into a single bill

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